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Why to rent an office in Baabda with NIIAR?

Many seekers of offices for rent in Lebanon especially small business owners or start-ups, go through a confusing question; Shall I rent or buy an office?
This decision is highly related to office location, space required, market offerings, ...etc.
Both leasing and buying have their own pros and cons, but leasing seems to be more beneficial when compared to buying for the following benefits:

While buying an office space in your preferred location, you’ll have to make an initial investment as a down payment for the property while when leasing all that you need to pay is the deposit.
Saving maintenance & repair responsibility which is handled by landlords in case of rental.
Offices for rent in Baabda
Access to High-end areas: leasing can give you access to the high-end areas, which otherwise would just be a dream for many start-ups.
It looks like these benefits are more than enough for an entrepreneur to make his/her decision.
It is a smart choice to look for an office for rent in Baabda, it is easily accessible from anywhere in Beirut or mountains, the rent price is lower than that of an office for rent in Achrafieh or Downtown and it offers a quiet surrounding area which is considered so convenient for work especially in Hazmieh where the rent price starts at $26,000 for a 100 sqm office and reaches $132,000 for a 552 sqm office.
Offices for rent in Baabda
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