Driven by our passion for creativity and innovation, we restructured our company based on our 2024 vision. At Brokers XP, our reputation is renowned for our brokerage services. Since we are now offering diversified and integrated real estate solutions, changing our name became a must to accompany the transformation and the regional expansion we have started.

This change allows us to:
- Offer a portfolio of integrated real estate solutions
- Widen our customers’ services scope to satisfy their growing needs
- Capture and reinforce the real estate investment opportunities
- Achieve a new business and mindset culture
- Make use of technology and digital transformation to refine our services
- Enhance our performance and induce a dynamic work methodology
- Prepare our team of experts to deliver more efficient and professional services through digital transformation

We chose this name for several reasons:
- It conveys our determination to turn Niiar into a shining, distinctive, and memorable brand in the real estate industry
- It symbolizes our ongoing transformation and pursuit to break through the clichés of the industry
- It represents a new beginning fostering our organizational and spiritual paths
- It roots our ambition to build an aspirational business model to achieve organizational excellence
- It embodies our commitment to create a brighter future and a stress-free environment through practicing Transcendental Meditation
- It illustrates our corporate culture and our new slogan: Real Estate Redefined
- It is a distinctive signature that combines dynamism with refinement, sophistication and vision
- It portrays a positive energy and the charismatic personality of our ambitious team

The symbol is the word NIIAR in Arabic, with the vertical lines expressing growth and ascension. NIIAR means illumination in Arabic and the warm yellow color expresses the feeling of brightness balanced by an earthy greenish brown color, symbolizing solid grounds and the fact that we’re a company that has a growing vision while staying well-grounded.

NIIAR is an Arabic word, and we chose to spell it in a unique way both to allow easy pronunciation and to stand out. The repetitive “I” in a minimalistic crafted type reminds the vertical lines of the symbol and expresses a modern and visionary persona. The Arabic type has been also crafted from the Latin one.

With regards to our set Vision 2024, we aim to achieve 3 objectives:
1. Provide Integrated Real Estate Solutions
2. Expand regionally
3. Implement Digital Transformation

Niiar offers diversified and integrated solutions for landlords, occupiers, and investors through main real estate solutions:

Property Management
Niiar helps its customers to achieve optimal asset and portfolio management. Our commitment to excellence and top-notch level of attention ultimately serve to maximize value and optimize efficiency.

Niiar provides supplemental solutions including but not limited to brokerage, sales and marketing, capital markets, as well as other real estate advisory financial services.

Niiar manages all real estate governmental and non-governmental formalities, including but not limited to property transfers, tax declarations, lease deeds registration, etc. We ensure that document handling is a hassle-free process through our conveyancing team that manages legal processes.

- NIIAR is a registered trademark under which the company Brokers XP S.A.L. operates
- It is a member of Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon – “REAL”
- It is a member of the International Real Estate Federation - “FIABCI”
- Its headquarters are based in Beirut Central District and enjoys a credible reputation and a prominent standing in the Lebanese market
- It proved a faultless history of client servicing and earned its customers’ respect
- It collaborates with a number of organizations and personalities
- It adheres to the professional and ethical business conduct as defined by the real estate consultants committee
- It earned several awards and recognitions namely the IFM magazine award for “Fastest Growing Real Estate Broker in Lebanon 2016”, and the OLX award for “Agency of the Year 2018”

Niiar has a clear sense of social responsibility as it is inherent in its culture. It supports programs related to the environment, sports, as well as transcendental meditation initiatives.
No, our partners remain the same.
No. The legal forms, agreements, and contracts of NIIAR will remain unchanged and still operate under the former company name Brokers XP S.A.L. For any future changes, you will be updated accordingly.
All invoices must be addressed to Brokers XP S.A.L., even if they were placed under the name of NIIAR. For details, please refer to our local Accounting and Finance department.

No, the bank details remain unchanged. For any future changes, you will be updated accordingly.

No, neither the VAT ID number nor the commercial register number have changed since they are still operating under Brokers XP S.A.L. For any future changes, you will be updated accordingly.

Yes, the old e-mail addresses work in parallel with the new addresses until further notice. All emails sent to the old email addresses with the domain @brokersxp.com will be automatically redirected to the new functional domain @niiar.com according to the corresponding email recipient.

No. Our mailing address remains the same, with the P.O. Box of 11-2434.

Our new landline is +961 1 992 993.
We are still reachable at our old landline numbers +961 1 999 750 and the following mobile numbers +961 76 999 026 and +961 76 999 704.

Our headquarters are still located in Beirut Central District but we are soon expanding to new regions with the hope of finding new markets that correspond to our business objectives.

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