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Why to buy an Office in Downtown through NIIAR?

NIIAR is the leading brokerage firm of Beirut and surrounding areas, whether you are looking for an apartment or office in Downtown, Achrafieh, Baabda or Hamra, plenty of listings are there for you to browse and compare before you send an inquiry to arrange a visit with our team of sales experts. With Broker XP you can benefit from a premium service and guidance especially that we provide continuous training for our employees at all levels and even have in-house specialized training facilities. We invest in talent and expertise.

Why people are looking for Offices for Sale in Downtown?

One can tell if a business is well-established by the address it occupies and operates through, how come if it was Downtown Beirut! Against all the odds and regardless what might be going in the newspapers or evening news, Beirut Downtown is the pumping heart of Beirut city, the city that never sleeps. You can rarely look or ask for something and not find it there. Most known banks, organizations, retail brands, F&B companies and literally anything is available in Beirut Downtown, that’s why no need to think twice if it represents a smart choice for getting an office in this area as this is how it should be as a perfect scenario for high end business entities.
Offices for sale in Downtown

What is there in Downtown Beirut!

Downtown Beirut combines various facilities and diversified cultural sites such as:
- Beirut Souks at the heart of the newly constructed buildings which got occupied by popular businesses such as chain shops and restaurants.
- Mohammed Al-Amine Mosque constructed by Solidere to be recognized by its 65-meter high minarets and bright blue roof.
- Saifi Village: this modern commercial and residential area with boutiques and galleries is an attractive place for shopping, strolling around or enjoying a drink and a bite at the boutique bar on its main square.
- Martyrs Square, for some it is a piece of concrete and for others it is of big emotional importance.
- Holiday Inn Hotel, opened one year before the civil war which turned it from the most luxurious hotel in middle east with crystal chandeliers, shiny marble floors and luxurious furniture to be the main battlefield of competing militias.
- Zaituna Bay: It is residents’ and tourists’ premium waterfront location in Beirut, a hub of high end restaurants and cafes for all choices.
- The Dome City Center “The Egg”: an ancient building in Beirut Downtown located near the old church called "Al Azariyyeh" near Martyrs Square, it used to be the first and biggest cinema in Lebanon in the late 1950's until it was damaged by Lebanese civil war.
Offices for sale in Downtown
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